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Social Media Toolbox: A Young Professional’s Briefcase

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Career building is what most  twenty something year olds in the world have in common, and as such questions which keep popping up within my social circle are usually ‘where did you find this job’ or similarly “I have an interview where or how do I research” etc.

Thus this post is entirely dedicated to the top 5 must have apps (plus websites) for young professionals in their pursuit of- *cliché alert*- the dream job.

1.       LinkedIn    

I don’t need to drum in the importance of having a LinkedIn profile because it should be evident judging from the number of blog posts on this topic. I want to highlight the fact that, LinkedIn eliminates the middleman in applications i.e. agencies. You can directly apply to companies and your page also gives employers an idea of your personal brand. Apart from this when you actually land a job interview, you can use this to read up on your interviewer this can reduce any nerves because you can attach a face to the name. In addition to building your network as much as possible with Linkedln, it can be a handy follow up tool post  networking. And more than anything follow the companies you are interested in as HR professionals will post jobs as soon as they arise on company pages.

2.       Twitter   

Decide if Twitter is going to be entirely social or professional for your purposes, I personally like to balance my twitter somewhere in-between i.e. I keep it semi social and professional. But more importantly if you are interested in a company or if you do get invited to interview stage, Twitter is the best way to source materials you can use to showcase your knowledge of relevant current affairs. If you follow individuals associated with that company you can see the current issues that company is interested in via their tweets and you can channel this into what you discuss for example; I could not find information on campaigns for an agency I wanted to intern for on their website but by stalking (such a harsh term) some executives I managed to find some projects the agency had been involved in. Most company twitter accounts represent the social voice of the company and this gives more insight as to their values rather than the corporate page which is usually quite wooden.

3.       Eventbrite   

Most people don’t realise the benefit of this website because it is a hidden gem perhaps? Anyway Eventbrite is good for identifying opportunities for networking it is used by professional organisations to promote various events with varying themes. And you can set your account up to receive alerts for similar events you have attended, so if you are looking to meet professionals within your chosen industry this might come in handy.

4.       Slideshare

I quite like Slideshare it has grown on me because I like presentations in general. A quick search will show you a variety of helpful slides on relevant topics and because employers are frequently asking for or about presentational skills it can inspire you to incorporate new ways of engaging audiences. It can be quite impressive if you are able to host your own content on it because it stands out more. I like to think of it as an animated form of Powerpoint.


Face it, majority of us would love the chance to be in global facing roles and we usually shy away from job descriptions which require knowledge of foreign languages. That is the reason why I think this website might turn out useful, although it is generally for creating local groups based on common interests. This is great for professionals who want to learn or improve their proficiency in a different language in a social setting (ideally involving cocktails).I tried some groups for improving my French and it was a cool atmosphere for meeting new people to practice with, I highly recommend trying out groups with a friend though it makes life easier and less awkward.

I have left out the usual culprits  e.g Instagram, Facebook etc because these are tools you can use to demonstrate your skills in social media but they might not directly aid you in your job search.

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Mercedes Mercedes

I recently graduated from the University of East Anglia with a Law Degree,I am currently working as a Learning and Development assistant at the Financial Times.I have always had an interest in Media so in a few years time I hope to build a career within the Media industry but I am not exactly sure what role this will be in!

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