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Enjoy The Drive!


The first thing I did when I turned 18 was to apply for my driving license. Let me get it out there – getting a license in Dubai within the first test – incredibly hard. Around 2008, two tests was lucky and three tests was attaining some sense of norm. Having received the golden key of the city within the first test, I was the king of the Jungle. Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, driving in Dubai is mostly a traumatic experience. Especially if you don’t mentally prepare for a clash of driving cultures and a lot of rude people. My father helped me to navigate the jungle by instilling a strong sense of discipline. One of the rules was to maintain calm in chaos and avoid the urge to drive rashly even if I could get away with it. Four years on, I am not the (extremely) perfect driver but the sense of discipline is strongly intact.

Well before I even boarded my flight to Manchester, I was mentally gearing up for the journey that awaited me. I knew I had to maintain a strict routine with my study time maximized till I could attain a sense of comfort. The discipline played a huge role.

The discipline helped me to create a routine. It allowed me to avoid being an impulsive shopper. Except for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which is perfectly acceptable. It allowed me to enjoy time with my friends and drink moderately. It allowed me to maximize my time doing the things that were a priority. I didn’t have a blast at Manchester but I really enjoyed my time academically and personally. Having that discipline is important to anyone who wants to be successful in their line of work.

If you think or have been told that you’re not focusing enough, then it’s time you instill in yourself a sense of discipline. Build a routine. Allocate time for all your activities. While allocating, do it wisely and realistically. Not ambitiously. Make goals. Outline simple plans. Reward yourself with the successful completion of goals. While the “work hard, play hard” attitude sounds amazing, it isn’t for everyone. At some point, you will find sleep an incredible commodity to have. You will want your body to have the maximum rest so that you can perform consistently throughout the day.

I found success achievable even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye of goals and objectives. Most importantly, You must have the ability to believe in yourself and the discipline to take you there. Like in life, driving should be an enjoyable experience. You will reach your destination if you are calm and confident. There will be nights where driving in the dark will make you feel terribly lost. There will be times when a flat tire might appear extremely unwelcomed if not unappreciated. Whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.


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Varun Varun

Varun Kumar, Male, 23. Birthday: 30th March 1990. Current Residence: Dubai, UAE. Highest Study: MSc Advanced Control and System Engineering, University of Manchester Bachelors: BE Hons Electronics and Instrumentation, BITS Pilani, India Current Occupation: Trainee Systems Engineer, Alderley plc.

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