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Finding a job when it’s all over


With more and more people graduating with each passing year, it’s no surprise that the graduate job market is pretty packed right now, with the lucky finding jobs, and the unlucky struggling to find anything at all.

Having gotten married to another student in our second year of uni, I was under the illusion that at least one of us would get a job after we graduated! As much as it pains me to admit it, my husband did better than I did, so I thought that he’d stand a better chance of getting a job. It seems that’s not the case. With the competitive nature of the job market in today’s economy, it’s not hard to come across someone who’s struggling to survive. Someone like me maybe, who has been told in order to get on in life, you need a degree, otherwise that elusive dream job just won’t happen. Well, fret not, fellow graduates! Your time will come, perhaps not now, but one day, somewhere, in a job for which you have not yet applied, you’ll have your eureka moment!

Searching is hard, the application process is like a full time job in itself, it’s tiresome, and at times you want to give up because it feels like you’re not getting anywhere; boy, do I know it! But it will happen one day, it has to! You just have to persevere, as you did with your studies. Applying your initiative to your job search, just as you did with your studies, will get you much further.

So on that more positive note, I’ll leave you with this: don’t stop trying, and good luck!

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Laura Adair Laura Adair

I am studying English at the University of Greenwich, and I'm in my final year. When I graduate, I hope to be a copy writer, because I believe that doing a job that I will love will not only be great for my employer, but for my own well being! I love to write, and do so in my own free time, and my main ambition in life is to be a published author.

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