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Another year closer to the end!


AHH! Another year down. Another year closer to the end! For most of us it’s not the next year we are dreading – it’s the one when we have finally finished pushing and pushing for that degree; when we finally achieve what our whole life has been about for the past 5+ years, and are pushed out the door with the thousands of others to scrape for that one job that we all want: those naughty employers dangling it on a bone in front of us, picking and choosing from whom they like. We’re like a thousand hungry dogs fighting for that one juicy bone – only the biggest and baddest will get it and there’s no sharing.

So, what are we going to do about it? Well… I tell you what I’m going to do for now, with another 2 years of studying left to finish – I am going to have FUN. Because gosh knows I will be absolutely woofing crazy by the time these 2 years are over, so why worry? With this heat wave we’ve been having, the fact that we have no more exams or assignments until October, and not having to worry about getting a job related to my degree until at least another year, I will have fun.

This will probably be the last time in our lives that we can be slightly relaxed about our careers and still lay in the comfort and safety of education, knowing we’ve passed the previous year and the next one lies safely waiting for us in 3 months’ time. We should get out there and have fun and be young and youthful! Festivals, holidays, pubs, clubs… and you know what? Reading a book I actually want to read – at my own leisure. I don’t even have to understand it. It just won’t be a book I have been set to read… with a deadline… to then analyse!

This is the time where we will be stressed about our futures but at this very moment they are exactly that. Our futures. So from now until the next academic year, I say we have fun and set the stress alarms to snooze until a later date!

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Nicole Cronin Nicole Cronin

I am currently studying a BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production at Bournville College but I am looking to start my foundation degree in October this year at Staffordshire University, studying Film and Television Production. I hope one day to be a professional screenwriter, as writing is my passion.

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