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With a year passing since my Graduation from University where I achieved a 2:1 with Honors in ICT it’s fair to say that I, like many people, assumed finding a job within my degree field would be a piece of cake.  How wrong I was!

Once you graduate you’re in this state of limbo being qualified enough for a job but not being successful in getting a job because of the age old problem of lacking industry experience.

I found the year since my graduation really being valuable and opened my eyes a lot to the working world even if I still haven’t yet secured a job in my degree field.

So what did I do? Applied to every and any graduate job I saw online which related to ICT. I think I applied for 20 applications a day but during that time I had to be realistic and get my self some sort of income because though you’re looking for a job to kick start your career, the world around you still goes on and you need to pay the bills!

I worked in a local cinema while applying for jobs day in day out and I even went to some interviews and got used to the style of interviewing when going on interviews with big flashy companies. It’s easy to get side tracked or disheartened by the lack of success when looking for your graduate job but you really have to stay focused. Use that drive and determination you had during your 3 years at university and use it to find that graduate job! And use your University’s careers service. So many students forget that this is still offered to them even after they leave.

I also used my free time to get voluntary experience within ICT industries. This isn’t easy but it really does go a long way when applying for graduate jobs. One of my friends started doing voluntary work at an accounts firm and they them offered him a permanent position so you never know.

Funnily enough with this year since my graduation and countless applications I’ve found that I want to go back to University to do a Masters in Multimedia, which I should be starting in September. I think taking the time out to consider my options and really think about what I want to do with my degree really helped decide this.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t assume your dream job will be handed to you once you graduate University. There is a lot of work to be done in finding a job but you are not alone in this struggle. And also do NOT compare yourself to your friends. Yes they may have found their ideal job and you haven’t but remember you are not them and they are not you. We all progress in our own time and at our own speed.  Stay focused and determined and eventually you will reap the rewards!

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Yusuf Tamanna Yusuf Tamanna

Hey! I’m Yusuf. I’m a recent graduate in BSc Information & Communication Technology from DeMontfort University. As of Septemeber 2013 I will be studying my Masters in Multimedia Engineering at Nottingham Trent University. Though I’m studying in Technology, I do love to do some writing!

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