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Making The Best Of One Day


“While we keep running, it might as well be a lot of good if we stopped to evaluate our pace, destination and motivation”.

Motivated by this thought and the need to cool off from the hectic race of finding an internship, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to the beautiful city of Annecy located at the Rhone-Alpes region of south Eastern France. Being residents in Grenoble meant our journey was merely two and a half hours away. The bus trip from Grenoble to Chambery was an exhibition of the agricultural heritage and beautiful Mountain-scape of the Rhone-Alpes region. The beautiful sunshine and green landscape painted sensational pictures which reminded me of how beautiful life can be and the calming effect nature has on us as human beings. Another connecting train from Chambery which took approximately an hour and a half would then ensure that we finally set our feet on Annecy.

With almost 12 hours at our disposal to explore the town, we wasted no time at doing just that. Unlike any tourist in a new town, we had no maps to guide us around. All we did was walk every direction of the town while we enjoyed every view and side attraction that came our way. As the sun burned down heavily, all we dreamt of was finding the much talked about lake and hopefully sharing the shade and relieve it had to offer.  As we roamed in anticipation of locating the lake, we ran into a troop of cyclists who were in town for the L’etape du tour which is normally held to accommodate amateur cyclists before the commencement of the famous tour de France. As we enjoyed the view of sponsors and cyclists present at the event, we made sure all the free souvenirs on display were duly collected. No stone was left unturned. Finally, after a few rounds of pictures and mingling at the event we coincidentally made our way to the much talked about lake. Despite the fact that the museum, restaurants and the beautiful people we witnessed during our earlier tour of the town already confirmed the serenity and appealing effect of the town, lake Annecy ensured there were no further doubts.  To experience and watch people take photos, make merry, enjoy the sunshine and share a beer while having wonderful time with family and friends was too appealing and soothing to watch. For once, I laid down all my struggles, worries and agitations. I felt I owed it to myself to enjoy the moment, interact with people and take advantage of the calming effect of this serene environment. In that moment, I was healed again and did nothing but look on the brighter side of life. I said to myself, with my masters program modules completed with good grades, it is only logical for successful project conclusion and a befitting employment to follow as long as I keep my hard work and faith in God constant. I was at peace with myself after those Dr Phil and Oprah Winfrey moments. Next line of action was having a piece of the boat and water action.  At first, I was hesitant to go on the boat ride due to my phobia for water but then again life wouldn’t be fun without some element of risk taking. Off we sailed into the lake.  Click after click of pictures and one off interactions with other boat passengers on the lake added to the excitement of the moment. For more than an hour, that lake was our home. We witnessed ships sail in from Switzerland and many depart for neighboring cities.

Sadly, every journey must always have an ending. As the sun set gradually and our departure drew nearer, we embarked on one more tour of the city in case we missed any piece of action. Three hours later (10:00pm Grenoble time), sitting down and looking at every moment captured in pictures, I shared nothing but smiles and a feeling of rekindled hope.  We can never place a value or price on the essence of taking time off from our usual routine



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Aderounmu Babafemi fondly known as “Jaycrown” is a Masters in International business Candidate at Grenoble Ecole de management, France. He is an enviable Leadership product of Covenant University where he bagged his first degree in Information and communication engineering (B.ENG). He is a writer, thinker and aspiring author. His simple philosophy over the years is centered on the fact that “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”. He has an unlimited burst of energy and interest in business development and creating the next generation of successful businesses in Africa and beyond. He sees himself as a change agent, hence the need to get involved in the social economic development of his continent of origin. Impossible est rien mes Amis!

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