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In a generation characterized by pressure and failing systems, I like to see myself as a shining light. In a country and continent scourged with mediocrity, I like to see myself thinking ahead of the status-quo. That’s who I am. That’s the image with which I have carried myself for close to a decade of my life. Times without number, I have been put at a cross road. I am talking about Moments when everything looks bleak and the silver lining fairy tale seems to be another illusion. In all of such moments, I have navigated and claimed victory with a new lesson to add to my weaponry. Eight years ago, all life had to teach me was surviving in the event of the death of a loved one. Three years ago, it was a clearer picture on the essence of hardwork, diligence and exposure.

Fruitful conversations bring out the best in you. More importantly, they challenge and keep you afloat in times of adversity if particularly being shared with people who understand your origin and pain. In another moment of wait and crossroad, I have been made to dig deeper while I reach out to yet another victor in me through a combination of such conversations that yielded these thoughts I am sharing. “Life is a game of process and timing”. Two years ago, he was in the middle of nowhere. He was traded from team to team in the NBA. Look around you and do your research, the same man caused a stir and an international phenomenon in the NBA a year ago. He is Jeremy Lin. Pardon me for taking a cue from one of my favorite sports. That was a typical example my mind could dig out at the moment of rage and intensity that I pounced on the key pads of my four year old Dell laptop. We can’t put a price on waiting. While some have the luxury of the first mover advantage, some always have to learn to do things better as the fastest second mover. As humans, we never want that wait. We always want a straight and smooth sequence of events. Sadly, no grind no pain. Success sometimes demands more than our hardwork and people networking skills. Sometimes, it demands patience. Sometimes, it requires us to do more and go harder.

Regardless of the seemingly outlook of these words, I take great pride in the fact that they are a reflection of my experiences and thoughts. Experiences I feel we have all at one time had to go through or presently still a part of. I came to south east of France with big dreams and a heart ready to experience the world. Many of my plans have chummed out the way I envisaged while a few are still waiting to fall in place. When I look at how I got here, it’s more than safe to conclude it has all been a function of the maker’s grace. Every phase in life for me has always had a message to tell but I guess this time I am being given a comprehensive clinic on perseverance and persistence. Believe me, failure and rejection does shake your confidence. The inability to show the talent in you as a result of very high expectations from recruiters, governmental insensitivity on the home front and human resource policies on the foreign end thus inhibits your creativity. But who are we to give up when Rosa Parks didn’t? Who are we to call it quit when a black man is the leader of the free world? ”The day we stop believing marks the day we stop achieving”. What better way can there be to relieve a burdened heart rather than to share your thoughts and hope that others gain insight and motivation for the journey ahead. “We collectively and individually learn better from the other side of success”.



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Jaycrown Jaycrown

Aderounmu Babafemi fondly known as “Jaycrown” is a Masters in International business Candidate at Grenoble Ecole de management, France. He is an enviable Leadership product of Covenant University where he bagged his first degree in Information and communication engineering (B.ENG). He is a writer, thinker and aspiring author. His simple philosophy over the years is centered on the fact that “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”. He has an unlimited burst of energy and interest in business development and creating the next generation of successful businesses in Africa and beyond. He sees himself as a change agent, hence the need to get involved in the social economic development of his continent of origin. Impossible est rien mes Amis!

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