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6 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire a Graduate


I read a list recently of 11 reasons why recruiters do not want to employ graduates, fear making my fingers tremble. I was about to find out what it is that makes me so unemployable. Very encouraging for a recent graduate!

It soon became apparent that the title was cheekily trying (with success, evidently) to grab attention with a slightly false angle. These reasons were fair and just in their entirety, but flaws which might be identified in any job applicant, not just graduates. Yet, they decided to go after us of all people.

It’s hardly a new fashion trend. In fact, already in 2011 graduate unemployment was at all all-time high with one in five university graduates unable to hit the job market (according to BBC:

So, being a graduate myself and feeling unfairly handed a cyber bitch-slap in this article, I decided to write my own list. That’s right – down with the system, if you like. And here it is: 6 simple reasons why companies and recruiters should be on the look-out for graduates when hiring.


  1. 1.       Dedication: We are hungry

Try and recall the first time you did something, anything. How exciting was it? Now flick over to the Graduate. Someone out there is willing to pay money for work I’ll be doing! Most of us will find this opportunity slightly terrifying or thrilling – either way, all our little eggs have been put into one basket and we will do our best to show you that you made the right choice. For us, it won’t be yet another position in yet another company with yet another boss and other names on the desks. It’ll be new, fresh, exciting, fresh scenting. Think about it.


  1. 2.       Connections: We are social

What is more social than university? Sports clubs, societies, classes, and general social gatherings have given us hundreds (!) of new friends and acquaintances over the years. Many of which are also Graduates now, out there looking for a job. Imagine if all recruiters stopped being so bleedin’ biased and started hiring Graduates? All of a sudden they’d have a wide spread network all over the country where somebody most definitely knows somebody. Of course this advantage also comes with more experienced applicants (hopefully) but it’s one that hiring graduates entails nonetheless.


  1. 3.       Social media: We are savvy

Even if we don’t understand the technical/analytical side (and some of us do) the Graduate probably knows her way around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and ten more social media platforms recruiters haven’t even heard of yet. We love to share and we love to follow and understand what people want to see from companies online. Inside information right from the dragon’s den, wouldn’t you say?


  1. 4.       Loyalty: No, not hiring for life but job hunting is a pain

We plead guilty – we will not stay in your company until retirement. But who does these days? In fact, you might even be frowned upon if you haven’t changed your job at least once in a lifetime. The Graduate will, however, most often not abandon ship before it has sailed a while on the ocean and quite frankly, companies…give us a reason or two to stay and we probably will. Job hunting isn’t that much fun.


  1. 5.       Innovative: We think without inhibitions

In this list the recruiter complains of lack of experience in the Graduate. Swing it around, sister! Lack of experience can be easily solved through training (within reason). I find that if I don’t know much about an area it allows me to brainstorm freely and come up with new innovative ideas never thought of before. Some might be ludicrous when taken into practical measures but fact remains that the Graduate can offer new ways of thinking, of perceiving, of solving problems.


  1. 6.       Desperation: We’ll do just about anything

If all those noble reasons above don’t tick recruiters’ chivalrous boxes, well then, keep in mind that today’s job market is bleak, narrow, and ruthless. We have debt (as mentioned above) and are desperate for income. Compared to somebody who’s been on the market for a while, maybe has some real good experience in their backpack, Graduates are more flexible (read: have less dignity to spare) in terms of level of position, salary, and working hours. We cannot afford to be picky. Now, I’m not saying you should use and abuse this information but meet us halfway and we’ll be the happiest bunnies in the world.

In conclusion…dear recruiters, on behalf of Graduates everywhere – please stop being prejudiced against us. There are plenty of graduate applicants who are highly talented, dedicated, and marvellous new minds for the job market. Don’t judge a book without at least reading the first page.

Yours sincerely,


Ps. Their 11 reasons:



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