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Dealing With The Post-Graduate Job Search


Throughout senior year of college, most students have illusions of grandeur about their job future.  Many envision a high paying job with disposable income immediately after their graduation, but with the job market in shambles many college graduates have found themselves floundering for work.

For those of us who are left scrounging for employment, there are many things to do when left unemployed immediately following graduate.

Occupy your time by doing something constructive. Although you may have a large amount of free time, it is important to spend it doing something worthwhile. Rather than spending every night at the bar, wake up early and exercise.

Instead of spending all day watching television, read a book. The mind is like a tool that needs to be sharpened on a regular basis. The books don’t have to be something from academia like Shakespeare or Chaucer. They don’t even need to be particularly challenging. The only thing that they must be is something that stimulates the mind. Wasting hours in front of the television does nothing for brain activity and leads the lethargic, monotonous days.

Volunteering at a charity event is a great way to get out and network, in addition to helping your community. Many local businesses come out to sponsor and support at charity events. Talking to a seemingly random worker or volunteer may help open the door for job leads.

If the job search reaches a point of tedium, it is important to keep trying. Many people want to simply give up and accept a job they hate or give up all together after a few months of searching. The job search isn’t about finding a job; it is about finding the right job. Through hard work and most importantly patience, the right job will be presented to you.


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