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Resisting The Urge For College Pets


Maybe it is the post-college malaise or feeling lonely from home, but countless students and recent graduates are making the decision to adopt a pet. It seems like the perfect solution; a cute puppy who will love unconditionally and be a companion for the next chapter in life. However, when deciding to adopt a pet there are things that every prospective owner needs to remember before making a purchase.

Can I afford to buy and care this animal?

People forgot how expensive owning an animal can be. The cost of buying a dog or cat often times can be quite expensive, not to mention supplying it with food, cat litter, vaccinations and veterinary checkups. The cost of owning a pet can escalate quickly, making it difficult for college students who are already operating on a shoe-string budget to pay for them.

                Do I have the patience to train this animal?

Training a dog or cat takes an unbelievable amount of patience and time. Puppies will inevitably have accidents in the house and kittens will always find a way to turn an expensive piece of furniture into a scratching post. Being able to keep calm when your belongings are being destroyed takes self-control.

Do I have the time to take care of this animal?

People who have heavy class schedule or vibrant life night often simply do not have the time to care for a pet. Having an exam or a long night out at the bar are not excuses for neglecting a pet. Then need care and attention at a moment’s notice, and chances are it will almost always be at an inconvenient time.

Can my pet live with me?

Many houses and apartment complexes are not pet friendly. Hiding a pet from a landlord can lead to fines, increased rent and even eviction. Always make sure if owning a pet is permissible in you place of living. Not to mention dogs need room outside to use the bathroom and many require open areas for daily exercise.

If you answered yes to all four of these questions then you should be able to purchase an animal. But be warned, having a pet is a commitment for years not simply a hobby for the next few months. In many cases the best bet would be to buy a low-maintenance fish tank.


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