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We All Want to Be Educated…


Let’s ponder upon your life prospects for a minute. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? And I realise this sounds like one of those obnoxious interview questions, but the validity of such an exercise remains unaltered. Especially considering that if you ask yourself that, the answer might actually be honest, instead of some half baked tale about your career progression ambitions. This has just become a lot more interesting, has it not? Try it, on your own, before going to bed preferably (when you’re at your most honest and feel the safest).

I’ll be honest with you, considering that right now my life consists of spending 40 hours a week in a call centre filled with the most one dimensional, lifeless, hollow humans that call themselves managers and team leaders, my outlook is not at its most effervescent and bubbly. Being followed around all day by a dude that shares every sordid detail of his life (trying so hard to be interesting that it naturally results in ridicule) and being trained by people that can’t even spell their own name on processes and programs I couldn’t care less about will do that to even the most rosy eyed, pony riding, rainbow swallowing idiot out there. So you have been warned kids (and probably not for the first time either), if you don’t want to end up wearing a headset for a living, stay in school…wait wait wait, that can’t be right! Because it isn’t, this type of advice doesn’t actually work anymore. Considering the world as it is these days, don’t stay in school actually. Learn to read and write, do some maths, read some papers and then figure it out yourself, you’ll be a lot better off.

Like most of you I have spent roughly 16 years in formal education. So far this has gotten me a job that a 17 year old sitting next to me does just as well…maybe even better (but my ego can only take so much so I think I’ll stick with ‘just as well’) and frustration to last me 10 lifetimes. So, mum and dad, maybe I should have pursued a career in sheep herding after all…


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Andrei Marian Andrei Marian

I am a 23 years old and have graduated with honours from a Communication and Public Relations course at the Robert Gordon University in June 2012. I am currently working in a customer service role (not for too long hopefully). As far as long term plans are concerned, I would obviously jump at the first opportunity to actually apply my knowledge gained during my studies and would ideally slot in to a corporate social responsibility role (which incidentally was the main focus of my dissertation), that’s not to say that other PR or copy writing roles wouldn’t be of great interest. I’m working on getting there and will in the meantime keep myself busy with this blog among other things.

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