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Being 21 when I started my degree, I was convinced I wouldn’t make friends. I was sure I’d be the ‘old one’ in my seminar group and decided to just make my peace with it. Obviously, I was wrong. On my first day, nervous and lost, I met two girls outside of the lecture theatre. In time, I found out that one was 18 and the other 39. As soon as we began talking, I realised their ages didn’t matter because we had so much in common.

In our first few weeks, one of the girls from our seminar group set up a Facebook group for us all. It was a great way to communicate and discuss deadlines. Over the weeks, people began posting module questions or discussing what they were going to write for their essays. The group really took off. Over the three years, the group has covered pretty much everything. From announcing poetry readings at the Lit and Phil, to asking for spare copies Frankenstein, I’d venture to say that everyone in our seminar group has benefited from the Facebook page. Without the constant support of my fellow students, I don’t know how I’d have survived three years of an English degree!

Although Uni is now coming to an end, I’m pleased to say the Facebook group is still very much active. Rather than discussing exams and essay deadlines, these days we plan our next trip to the pub! The group is a great way for us to collectively stay in touch as we venture out into the world and follow our individual paths. Social networking is often ridiculed, but for us, it made our degrees all the more special. And I’m still great friends with those girls I met that first day!

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Samantha Wright Samantha Wright

I've been studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Northumbria University for the last three years. My modules have covered everything from Shakespeare, to how to write a film treatment, with poetry and short fiction thrown in! I've always wanted to write and see my name in print and hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

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