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The Ultimate Stress Relief


Having spent the last three years working pretty much non stop at uni, and especially this year having to construct a dissertation, my stress levels have fluctuated. I wouldn’t say that I get stressed easily, but when you are faced with the prospect of writing five thousand words on a topic that you are interested in, but don’t really know much about, it’s enough to cause anyone to have an increased heart rate.

When I was told to rewrite the dissertation with just five weeks to go, I got to the point where I was ready to break, and something had to be done!

I rang my friends and we agreed that we needed a focus to get us through the last few weeks, and there was only one thing that could be that focus, Thorpe Park.

So two days after we handed it all in we got in the car and set off for London. Despite the fact we were all shattered from weeks and months of constant work, we were very excited about the day ahead.

May is a good time to go as the kids are still at school and a lot of parents are still working, so the park was quite quiet. This meant we could go on everything we wanted, some more than once, and the longest queue was just half an hour.

On the way home all three of my passengers fell asleep so the day had definitely taken it out of them. But it also served the purpose that we went there for, we all came back a lot calmer than when we had left a few hours before.

I don’t know whether it was the adrenaline rush or just the fact we had escaped the world of work for a day but it definitely helped us all to relax, and was a great way to celebrate the end of our degrees.

Obviously we still have the small task of finding a job, but at the moment we are enjoying the freedom and looking forward to, hopefully, a warm summer with friends.

So if you’re suffering from too much work or revision, book a day out and have something to look forward to when it’s all over.

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Lianne Carpenter Lianne Carpenter

I studied Multimedia Journalism at Canterbury Christ Church, and hope one day to be writing for a top online publication. I have always enjoyed the writing side of my course, and feel this is where I want to have a career. I have also learnt how to edit for both TV and radio, as well as create video content for online stories. In the mean time I am planning my trip to Australasia in December.

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