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How to spot a scam graduate job advertisement


There are many companies preying on desperate graduates, misleading them into working long hours for nothing. Let me quickly tell you my experience applying for one of these jobs.

I applied for a load of jobs all within one day, those advertising “immediate start” and “marketing roles” in particular attracted me. Within a few days I received an invitation for an interview, three companies, on the same day, in the space of two hours, all asking for an interview immediately. Two out of the three said they had limited spaces for interview times so I had to ring up as soon as possible.

I soon felt the job was suspicious, but felt I needed the interview practice. However, the interview was merely a ten minute affair where he told me about the job (very vaguely) and welcomed my questions. I knew there was no chance of me accepting it, so I brought him up on something I’d spotted about being “self-employed”. I knew that it would be so they don’t have to pay minimum wage and other sleazy reasons. However, I wanted to hear their reasoning, which was to do with “self-protection”. He defensively asked me why I had asked. “Just curious” I replied, both of us knowing I’d cottoned on to their scheme. We bid farewell, he said he’d be in touch. Unsurprisingly he wasn’t.

I immediately cancelled the other two interviews after I saw that they were both associated with The Cobra Group, a door-to-door sales and marketing company. Do the research, there is plenty of press about them. They rope people in with vague advertisements and promises of big money. In actuality, it is nothing more than door-to-door sales, and you’ll work long hours for a tiny wage.

I am glad that I learnt from this experience, about how important decent research is; not just what the company is and what it’s about, but what other people say about it. A good way of finding this out is to search “company name” with “review” added to it. My advice is to not waste your time with these companies, the “experience” gained is not valuable and the time is better spent searching for a better job better fitted to your needs.


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I am Khia and I studied English and Film at Manchester Metropolitan University. I hope to become involved with advertising, ideally making use of my passion for writing.

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