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Never Play it Safe with University!


June 2013 will be the official end of my time at university. If all goes to plan I look to be leaving with a safe 2:1 degree. I have spent the past 4 years doing countless essays on business and law, and by the end of it all I hated it. Law is dull and complicated, and when you get to 4th year it is so much worse. I studied for hours and researched endlessly, yet there was always something I would miss and be absolutely decimated for it. It is safe to say it wasn’t a fun experience towards the end.

It wasn’t until the very end of this semester that I realised I wanted something different. I have always been relatively creative but I saw that as a past time, not a profession. To me, law seemed like the degree that would get me a great job and more money than I could possibly spend. Only it isn’t really like that. Everyone has a degree these days, and a lot of them have fantastic grades on very difficult courses. But now I am graduated and unemployed, so if I am going to be in this position I may as well struggle for something I am passionate about. That’s why 5 years after I should have; I am looking to get into the TV industry.

It is a few weeks before my formal graduation ceremony and I have just plucked up the courage to seek a career in what I have a passion for. But that shouldn’t have been the case. No matter how redundant it may seem, if you have a great interest in something then you have a right to yourself to at least try it. The industry you enjoy as a hobby might not be great as a profession, but if the interest is so strong why not try it out? That may be in the form of an undergraduate degree, or postgraduate, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a desire.

This may seem all very tacky and cheesy, but you can be as cheesy as you want when you are doing something you have an actual appetite for.

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