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Is there really only One Direction?


Sometimes, as a graduate, it isn’t having no direction that is the problem: it is having too many. When I graduated from university in the summer of last year, I was convinced I wanted to be a journalist; I had my place at graduate school, I had experience and I was nosy as anything to boot. Everything was perfect.

Fast forward to nearly a year after graduating, I still haven’t figured out what it is I want to do exactly. Five months ago, it was working in the world of publishing, getting excited at discovering the next big thing. Two months ago, it was certain in my mind that I was going to swan off to New York to learn how to write the perfect story and what the laws of journalism actually are. Two days ago, I was back to the plan I had in my first year about being one of those people you read about on Wikipedia who have their fingers in so many pies that their job list is longer than the actual article. Next week, I will probably be back to watching videos of Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway accepting their Oscars and wishing I could be the screenwriter behind someone’s speech in ten years’ time. Let’s not even mention trying to be the next Meg Cabot.

Some people might say it is great to have so many ideas of what one wants to do in life and it keeps life interesting. For me, however, it’s just frustrating. Are we really asking too much of ourselves at 21/22 to know exactly what we want to do for the foreseeable future? Should we have it all figured out or do we wake up blindly each day, look back at the end of each week and hope that we got it right? Whichever one it is, it would be mighty helpful to know either way, because I am running out of Bones episodes to watch.

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Subject/University: English Literature at University of Essex. Hopes for the future: To take up my place at Columbia Journalism School and become a successful News/Arts/Culture journalist.

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