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5 Reasons to Start up a Blog at University



Once you’ve finished congratulating yourself that you managed to get into university and that epic summer between A Levels and the beginning of your degree is over, you may feel a little rusty when it comes to writing. A blog is a brilliant way to keep your mind working with words every day. It keeps you in the habit of writing, and more importantly writing to a standard that is fit for publication.


Yes, what you are writing is available to the world. If you keep a blog, you keep your own part of the Internet. It’s got your name on it and it’s in the public domain. That doesn’t mean that you have to drop the colloquialisms, but it does mean you need to remember you’re writing for an audience. Scary and kind of exciting, right?


We’re not all spending our evenings working a room with business cards in hand. Luckily, blogging has found a way to make up for this. Keeping a blog instantly connects you to people all over the world. Not only does the blogging world have a huge, friendly community it also has people looking for talent. If you’re out there, you could be headhunted. You never know, the Times might be brimful with blog addicts. They might just love your blog.


With the growth of the blogging world, there is also growth in the recognition of blogs. Blog awards are out there just waiting to be won. You’re already writing your blog, so there is no real extra effort here. Another award for the cabinet, hey.


Perhaps most importantly, this blog is for you. It’s to kick back with when you can’t stand to look at your course reading anymore. You can write a blog on whatever you want. Food, lifestyle, fashion, puppies… Whatever floats your boat. A blog isn’t something you’re graded on, it is for your own entertainment so you can really enjoy writing it.

And the best bit about blogging? You can do it all from the comfort of your own room. May it be in bed, in your pants or in whatever situation you find yourself to be inspired.

Head over to Blogger or WordPress to get started!

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