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Women are from Venus… Female Graduates Earn Less Than Males


graduateIn recent news, it has come to light that female graduates are earning considerably less than their male counterparts. For many, this came as quite a shock – why, in 2012, are people with a similar education being divided financially by their gender?

The High Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU) through Futuretrack data found that: ‘The gender distribution of graduate earnings is strikingly uneven – more women are at the lower end of the salary range, particularly within the typical starting salary ranges of £15-£17,999 and £21-23,999, and men are more like than women to earn higher salary levels of £24,000 or more.’

It seems that before facing the effects of events such as motherhood, women are facing a dip in wages earlier than originally expected. It is common knowledge that it would be unlawful for an employer to introduce gender based discrimination, so many are unsure why female graduates are suffering financially.  It seems completely archaic that female graduates are earning less than the men they graduated with.

The HECSU study of wages found that ‘the male lead is persistent in the public and private sectors, in graduate workplaces and also in graduate and non-graduate job roles.’ Unfortunately, they found that ‘the only area where female pay is equal to males is in the not-for-profit sector.’

Being a female graduate working in the public sector, I find this information disheartening but also very frustrating. Women continually to work just as hard as their male peers at university, and therefore deserve wage equality.

This information was published on 7th March 2013, and so is a relatively recent study of graduate earnings. Despite it being topical, this must be followed up; more should be done to support and nurture female graduates.

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