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Meet Stephanie who is looking for a production based role

April 18, 2013

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Stephanie Burns Stephanie Burns

Hi, my name is Stephanie! I graduated from Mohawk College in 2011 from the Television Broadcasting course. The main focus of the program was the behind the scenes aspect of production. Which consists of Editing, Camera work, Set design, Producing ETC. My main interest while I was in school was that I loved camera work and creating something and then editing that content. I loved that you could make it into whatever you wanted it to be. I really enjoyed that this program brought out a creative side in me that I didn't realize I had. I also, enjoyed how close nit the whole program was. Knowing your professor by name and them being so involved in what area of the industry you wanted to get into, was something I had never experienced before in a school environment. After my three years here I was very sad to leave although very enthusiastic and excited for the future. I felt prepared for the industry as I had done two internships at local TV stations in Toronto. As it stands right now I'm very excited for what the future has for me. I am working as a PA on different productions throughout the city.

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