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Time Management in Student Life


clockInspired by’s new Healthy Mind’s Campaign, I have been thinking recently about the hurdles that students face every day to remain calm, collective and focused.

As a second-year BA History student, the biggest challenge I experience is time management. University life is not just about socialising and finding your feet anymore, but trying to fit in key things around your lectures such as study sessions, work experience and internships, the important daily things like cooking, eating and sleeping, and then the important ‘time-out’ from everything.

With an increased workload, and the famous University of Derby Public History Conference approaching alongside other commitments, it can sometimes be too easy to climb into bed, with no time to relax and wind down from a busy day. To tackle this, I have had endless conversations with the people around me with the same questions… how do I relax? When is the cut-off point?

The answer – time management.

Organising every hour of my day to ensure all the little things are accounted for, disciplining myself with a bedtime so I am refreshed and alert the next day. I have found that an easy step to tackling the huge list of things to do is to book tutorials, making sure I am always on top of the things which need to be done, and it’s a great way to vent out all of your frustrations to someone who has already been through it all, and made it!

Producing a timetable also provides the time to get into the mind-frame for what you are doing. For example, essay writing on a Monday morning, and then preliminary reading on the afternoon. It provides an easy shift from A to B, and it also provides you with a cut-off point which you can fill with healthy eating, socialising, relaxing and so on. It also means that you can have a day off from studying providing you juggle around your other commitments to fit it all in.

University life is not just about reading books, writing essays, seminars, group work and exams, but it’s also about developing life skills along the way. It is sometimes difficult to switch off, and it is sometimes to put the pen down (or laptop screen) when you’re researching about something that you feel passionate about, but it is vital so that you maintain a healthy balance between your studies and who you are as a person, and so far that has been the biggest lesson learnt for me.


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My name is Samantha and I am a 2nd year BA History student at the University of Derby. I have a passion for writing which I hope to develop through various projects and I aspire to become a Public Relations Officer or writer once I have graduated. In my free time I volunteer as my year's Programme Rep as well as the Social Secretary for the History Society, and I have participated in many other roles such as RAG Promotions and Publicity Officer, Marketing and PR Assistant at a college and maintaining my blog, which you can find on my site.

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