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The Ultimate Second Year Survival Kit


What you need to succeed in the year that really counts.

So you studied enough to get by in first year but suddenly second year has hit and you’re not certain where to begin? Our kit list has everything you need.

The super useful absolutely necessary study tools

  • Purchase the majority of your reading list. Now I know you think I’m crazy by saying this because books can be very expensive but trust me when I say that there’s a huge difference between taking a book out of the library and actually owning that book yourself. Amazon and have got this covered with huge discounts on University books, some even selling for less than a pound. Another option is e-books such as Kindle or other sources like ebrary and Jstor. Give those names a Google and you’ll find a whole new world of online resources and these are what really count when it comes to knuckling down.
  • Visit your University library. I know this one seems obvious but I know third years that still haven’t stepped into theirs!
  • Stationary. I love stationary shopping and it really does help to have everything you need so think: a notepad for each module, a set of reliable pens and highlighters. Highlighters are a gift from God, treat them with the respect that they deserve. And of course, a pencil case.
  • A bag you can actually fit your stuff in. Not one that looks cool.

 How to go out and still study the next day

  • Avoid the guilt of “I should be working so why am I partying” by studying through the day and going out in the late evening. It is possible to do both!
  • Only take out £20 then leave your card at home.
  • Drink water at the club/SU before you leave. It’s been said before, I’ll say it again- know your limit!
  • Don’t sacrifice studying for going out but at the same time don’t sacrifice your social life to study constantly. If you go out with a clean conscience in regards to work then you’ll have a better night and feel clearer in the morning

The toppest of the tips

  • Second year is where you learn how to balance everything, this is crucial.
  • When you get your deadlines, write them down three days earlier than they actually are to allow you hit your panic stations quicker.
  • Ask for help whenever you need it, every University has guidance set up for every situation- use them!

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