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If you’re wanting to work for a company who is internationally successful and has a clear, open-minded vision of how they are going to make a difference, then a Sky graduate programme could be for you. And, with such a range of programmes available, there will be one to suit your degree scheme and career ambitions.

What’s more, Sky aren’t just committed to doing things right on a daily basis, but also focus on other areas of importance where they feel they can make a difference, and as an employee of Sky you could be involved too.  Sky help in environmental schemes; with a current partnership with the Acre State Government in Brazil and the World Wildlife Fund aiming to raise £2million to help protect species and homes in the Amazon rainforest.

They also encourage people to participate in different sports, regardless of their abilities. For the past two decades they have continually provided sports fans with exceptional sports courage and have also partnered up with British Cycling to try and encourage people to take their elite cycling further. Sky employees are also encouraged to take part in cycling events and are also welcomed to take part in the Choosebike scheme where a monthly reduction is taken from your wage to pay for the bike.

If that wasn’t enough, Sky also reward their employees with the following rewards and benefits:

  • Free Sky+ HD (+ reduced rates on Box office movies)
  • Holiday Entitlement (25 days + more the longer you are with them)
  • Share Service Plan
  • Sky Choices – make savings on things such as childcare costs, mobile phones, travel season tickets and retail vouchers.
  • Believe in Better Awards – Sky reward their hardworking employees with vouchers and prizes.
  • Flexible Working
  • Free Sky Broadband and discounted Talk
  • Pension Plan
  • Healthcare Plan
  • Sky Benefits Extra – this includes special discounts at various big branded stores, including HMV, House of Fraser, Apple, Carphone Warehouse and M&S.
  • Make a Difference – if you’re wanting to do some fundraising or charity work, Sky will encourage you to do this and give you time off (within reason).

Finding the Right Scheme for You…

Sky HR Graduate Programme

This two year graduate programme will give you the chance to see all the different aspects of the company; with you also being funded and supported towards a CIPD qualification. Gaining experience in four – six month placements, you’ll look at ways to attract, retain, manage, reward and develop the employees of Sky.

You’ll get the chance to work in various departments, including Talent Resourcing and Talent Development and Reward, ensuring that you get a good overview of what is involved in becoming the next top HR professional.

To apply for this role you’ll need to be a confident communicator who is able to solve problems creatively. You’ll also be a natural team player who is keen to share and grow from the experiences and expertise of those you are working with.

Sky Home Service & Supply Graduate Programme 2013

This two year rotational course will take you through many different sides of the business, including: Supply Chain Planning, Project Management, Field Management and Quality. Home Service & Supply isn’t just about the engineering roles and this is where your role will be integral to the business, and with proven determination and abilities you will be given more responsibilities as you go along.

Sky also encourages you to undertake qualifications during the training programme, and you will also be developed into a future leader with an award winning Directorate.

So, if you’re determined to succeed, are an excellent communicator and you want to learn from the best, then this could be the role for you. To apply you will also need to demonstrate that you have achieved excellent results in your academic studies and you have experiences that show you have gone above and beyond what was expected of you.

Sky Customer Operations Graduate Programme 2013

Ready for a challenge? This is what the customer operations programme is ready to do; with the two year programme covering all aspects of customer operations that will enable you to become a leader of tomorrow. Developing your project management and analysis skills, you’ll work within the insights, development, implementation and integration areas, looking for ways in which their customer services can be continually improved upon.

You can apply for this programme if you are flexible, confident and proactive in your approach to things and you are continuously looking for ways in which you can improve yourself. Over time you will be given more and more responsibility, always being rewarded for your hard work.

Sky Customer Experience & Change Graduate Programme 2013

Exceptional customer service is something that Sky pride themselves upon, and the Customer Experience & Change programme will see you looking for ways in which these services can be improved. You’ll deliver these changes, all the while looking for other improvements and how best to introduce new propositions and products to Sky’s services.

Through the programme you will serve different placements in the core areas of customer services, including: Sales & Service Centre Operations, e-Experience, Home Service & Supply and Service Quality & Billing. It may also entail time in other departments such as Sales & Marketing, Product Design & Development, Retail and Technology.

Think you’ve got what it takes? You’ll need to be passionate about providing the best customer service, and will have the determination to succeed. Throughout your time in the programme you’ll develop your project management skills and improve your business analysis abilities to become tomorrows leader.

Sky Creative & Digital Design Graduate Programme 2013

This is a two year intensive scheme that will involve 4 month periods of working for their user experience teams, creative technology team and visual design teams. You’ll experience working with the various different teams and departments of Entertainment, Sales & Service and Product Design & Development.

You will also find that no day is the same, as you continue to help look for new projects and improvements that need making; for example, the shopping basket at checkout, a new App to support a channel…the possibilities are endless! Whilst this is a creative role, you will also gain a good overview of commercial influences involved in your work, such as budgets, and a broader understand of why you are developing this, who it is for and how much it’s going to cost.

Ideal candidates will have a degree in a creative discipline and be creatively minded. You should also have interests in social media, websites, online marketing and devices and be passionate about designing things and an enthusiasm to improve on your technical knowledge. To demonstrate your skills you should already have a portfolio that displays your interest, enthusiasm and skills in this area, something that goes beyond your degree coursework and portfolio.

Sky Corporate Affairs Graduate Programme 2013

Get involved with all aspects of Corporate Affairs through your experience in Policy & Public Affairs, Internal Communications, PR and Sky’s Bigger Picture initiatives. Throughout the two year programme you’ll also be given the opportunity to work towards gaining a professional qualification that is supported and sponsored by Sky whilst you work!

If you’re a natural communicator, a team player and you’re passionate about engaging audiences and Sky, this role could be for you. You should be able to demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion for Corporate Affairs, in your experiences of increasing awareness of programmes, services, charity events, products and so on.

Sky Bet – Trading Graduate Programme

If you choose to work within Sky Betting and Gaming, you’ll be working for the fastest growing area of Sky and one that has certainly made an impact on the market. This 18 month programme will see you working in the Football Trading area, where you’ll learn the key to their USP; you’ll get involved with Risk Management to see how to keep Sky’s profits up; you’ll work in Sports Trading where you’ll be trading things from Cricket to Ice Hockey; in Racing Trading you’ll get to work with some of the best in the industry and you’ll also get chance to see what’s involved in Product Development.

Think this is the role for you? Display skills for solving problems, abilities with numbers and be online-savvy and the role could be yours. You’ll also need to show your passions for the online gaming industry, and you will be driven by adrenalin with a sheer determination to succeed.

Sky Bet – Operations Graduate Programme


In 2013 the Betting & Gaming section of Sky will see several graduate opportunities, including the Operations role, providing you with the perfect start to your career. During a 12 month period, you’ll work in three different areas of the Operations sector, allowing you to get involved in just what decisions and projects go into improving customers journeys with sky. You’ll work with Policy Monitoring, where you will help to analyse what procedures are in place internally for replying to customer enquiries, helping to come up with new ideas about how this customer experience can be improved.

You’ll also work in Customer Experience where you will look at the journey a customer takes when using the website, and how this can be improved. The programme will also see you working in Query Analysis and Feedback, where you’ll get to grips with the different types of queries and look at customer feedback to find ways to improve on customer contact and its efficiency.

To apply for this role you’ll need to have passions to help deliver the best customer service, always wanting to improve upon this. Additionally, you will be passionate about working in the online gaming industry, being someone who gets a buzz from working in an adrenalin fuelled business. A determination to succeed, which is evident through your academic achievements or work/life experiences is also essential.

Sky Betting & Gaming – Marketing Graduate Programme

If you’re online-savvy, creative and have the desire to succeed you may want to consider a role within Sky Betting and Gaming. For two years you’ll work in the different departments in marketing, receiving support and training along the way, including working on your communication, management, financial and presentation skills. Throughout these two years you will also be working towards a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification, which will be fully funded.

There are two graduate career opportunities available in the Marketing section, and if you would relish the opportunity to get inside the head of Sky’s customers, then this could be the role for you. To apply, you should have a desire to succeed and be able to demonstrate this in previous experiences – life, work and academic.

Sky Bet – Gaming Graduate Programme

This is a fantastic opportunity to join Sky within their Gaming team, where you’ll work in three departments over a twelve month period. The three areas you will cover during your time with the Casino product team, are: Games Development – you’ll work with third parties and Sky’s technology teams to help create and release new games onto the market; Reporting – you’ll look at the trends in the current games market as well as investigating any anomalies; Product Monitor and Feedback – you’ll look at the products currently on offer and look for ways in which to maximise their potential.

If this sounds like the role for you, apply today and demonstrate your analytical and mathematical mindset alongside your passions for the online gaming industry.

Sky Technology Graduate Scheme 2013

If technology is your thing and you’d like the opportunity to work in a team that could potentially change communications/broadcasting of the future, then the Sky Technology Graduate Scheme is for you. In this two year programme you’ll get to work on some of the most stimulating IT projects. The programme will take you through various stages, including design and development, business analysis, testing, infrastructure and support.

To succeed you’ll need to have a true passion for technology and work well within teams; you’ll also need to be creative-minded, being able to inspire with your ideas. You will also need to be adaptable, able to build relationships and work within a fast paced environment.

Sky Strategy Group Graduate Programme

In this two year graduate programme, you can work with the strategy group whose role is to make sure Sky is kept up to speed with the changing market, ensuring they remain in their leading position. You’ll get to broaden your knowledge of the media sector, experiencing what’s involved in decision making and strategic consulting.

The projects you will be involved in will include: mobile applications, TV, production, telephony, broadband, rights negotiations, advertising and commissioning. Along the way, Sky will provide you with all of the support you need to develop your skills in these areas, enhancing your financial modelling, analysis, presentation writing, research and structured thinking.

You’ll demonstrate a strong interest in business, being a commercial, numerical and logical thinker with a 1st / 2:1 in a degree that preferably contains Economics or Maths. Being a good team player and communicator, you’ll be determined to succeed and be passionate about the brand, Sky.

Sky Software Engineering Graduate Scheme

Join Sky’s Software Engineering Academy as an experienced or new graduate who is obsessed with technology and has already had some experience in developing mobile/web based applications. Sky will then take these abilities of yours and enhance your expertise to help develop your career within the Software Engineering sector.

The programme will start with a one month intense training programme, which will help to improve your skills in Agile development techniques, Java and software engineering skills. Then, you’ll go on to spend six months working on real projects in the business, learning from leading experts. Due to the fast paced nature of Sky, your skills will constantly be developing and evolving, in areas such as iOS, PHP, Java and Javascript.

In just seven months you’ll be up to speed on all the techniques and skills needed to become an Associate Software Engineer within the team. The possibilities really are endless and you could find yourself working on a new version of, Now TV or Sky Go.

Interested? To apply, you’ll need to have a degree (2:1 or above preferably) ideally in a technical discipline and you’ll be passionate about new technology. It is necessary that you are able to write software in a modern programming language and already have experience of working in a web or mobile environment. You will need to stand out from the crowd, being excited about the possibilities of developing mobile and web technologies, thriving on any opportunities that are given to you.

Sky IQ – Product Graduate Programme

If you’re looking for an opportunity to unleash your creative abilities, then look no further than the Sky Product Graduate Programme. This twelve month programme will see you enhancing your customer intelligence product knowledge, allowing you to see a wide range of situations and projects.

Your key responsibilities during your time with Sky will be managing a broad product portfolio, maintaining and creating roadmaps for each product line and looking at the products within the competitive market it operates in.

If you want to further your career and take this fantastic opportunity, you will need to be innovative and creative, you’ll also need to have the drive to succeed and an entrepreneurial spirit. In return you’ll be supported and trained to enable you to get the most out of this experience.

Sky IQ – Marketing Graduate Programme

To start building the foundations for your future marketing career, the Sky IQ Marketing Programme will take you across all areas of B2B marketing. You will also be providing organisational support to the Sales & Marketing department, being exposed to many different projects during your 12 month period.

The projects you undertake will help give you a greater understanding of how marketing works and what happens within a marketing department. You will work in many different areas, including marketing communications, product and design, and budget management. You’ll receive training and support as you get to grips with the role, allowing you to maximise your potential.

So, if you’re looking to start your career in business-to-business marketing and want to do this with Sky, you will need a vision and drive to succeed and the passion and willingness to learn and excel yourself.

Sky IQ – Analytical Graduate Programme

This is an 18 month programme that will take you into four departments within Sky IQ, enabling you to develop a clear understanding of what needs to go into delivering products and services and understanding clients and their needs.

You’ll be able to understand facts and anticipate potential problems, enabling you to get to the root of the problem to quickly come to a solution. You’ll also need to be excellent at analysing things, with a mathematical mind. Demonstrating your passions for solving problems is also essential.

Sky Procurement Graduate Programme

This role will see you undertaking comprehensive training that will enable you to develop your skills and will see you exposed to a wide range of business areas. The two year programme will consist of four, six month placements in several of the key areas of procurement at Sky, including: Operations Enablement, Technology and Entertainment and Group (Marketing, Corporate and Infrastructure).

The role will involve negotiations of contracts and sourcing new suppliers for a vast range of products and services, including professional services, telecoms, advertising, fleet transportation and broadcast equipment. This will also see you involved in exciting up-and-coming projects, e.g. 3D TV.

To be in with a chance, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have creative approach, have excellent communications skills and a lot of drive to succeed. You’ll also need to showcase this in your academic achievements, life experiences or work experience. Should you be successful, you’ll be supported through a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply qualification.

Sky Marketing Graduate Programme

This is a key area of Sky, driving their brand name forward to result in business growth, increasing subscriptions and revenue and engaging customers through their Trading and Brand teams. The two year programme will give you the opportunity to become involved in different aspects of marketing, including research and strategy, online and direct marketing, and brand management.

Prove you’re up to the job and you’ll be given more and more responsibility and you’ll also be given the opportunity to do a fully sponsored Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification while you’re working.

With competition for this programme being tough, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re a creative thinker, highly motivated and with an entrepreneurial spirit, alongside a desire to impact on people’s lives. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you could be a future leader, have the ability to work in a team and these attributes will all be demonstrated in achievements, be they academic, life or work related.

Sky Finance Graduate Programme

This programme is recognised for its excellence, with Sky achieving CIMA Employer of the Year. The programme will take you through three years of training, giving you exposure to a range of projects. Rotating through different areas of the finance department, the programme will see you working on the Sales force and Supply Chain functions, and working with the Account to Report team.

You will also be given the opportunity to support the Finance Operations team, gaining experience in what is the backbone of Sky’s business. You’ll be expected to make an impact right from the start and once you’ve demonstrated your abilities, you’ll be given even more responsibilities.

To succeed in this role you’ll need to show that you are determined to succeed in your career as an Accountant, and you’ll be able to demonstrate this through academic, work or life related experiences. Succeed and you’ll qualify as a Management Account following the three year programme.

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