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Student Loans can seem like a massive allowance at first glance, but once a terms-worth of rent has gone out and bills need paying, it’s surprising how quickly you’re struggling on a budget. Don’t fear! There are ways of making extra money to fund your living costs and other expenses!

Part-time or Temporary Jobs – This is the obvious choice! There are plenty of part-time and temporary positions available in student towns. The clear choices are retail and restaurant positions, but you could also look into baby-sitting, libraries and tutoring too! University careers sites and local jobs boards are usually the best places to look, but keep an eye out for positions advertised on social media sites too! The key factor in this is time management. Make sure the hours wouldn’t conflict with your studies and timetable and if you feel these are restricting your availability, try arranging part-time jobs for summer vacation to save up  few extra pennies!

Sell Your Stuff – We are all secret hoarders; we become attached to stuff and buy more clothes than we can physically wear, so why not make some money back? Ebay and Amazon are great places to sell your unwanted items and usually have cheap insertion or sellers fees. For girls with a busting wardrobe, second-hand fashion on Ebay is huge right now! If you seem to have an inconvenient collection of old DVD’s, CD’s and games, try the website ‘Music Magpie’ who will  send you an instant estimate and will pay cash for these items and also have a free delivery system. Similarly, some sites will pay you for your old mobile phones, so that maybe something worth checking out!

Make Money From Your Opinions – Taking part of online surveys could pay big money, so-to-speak. A quick Google search will bring up endless companies who will pay participants to answer short surveys on just about anything! Most pay between £1 and £3 per survey, with some paying in amazon vouchers too – handy for those with endless uni book lists! A few of these surveys per week might give a small but significant boost to your budget!

Make Money From Blogging – Blogging is now a way of life for students – they’re commonplace. If you have your own blog on a platform such as Blogger/Blogspot or WordPress, you can add in a feature called ‘Google Adsense’ which places sponsored adverts onto your website and you are paid per click! Alternatively, look out for adverts for freelance writers. If you have the proof of experience and good writing form, its worth applying for these as they are generally paid per article you write and can be done at home, in your own time! It’s also an added extra for your CV! Bonus.


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I am currently working as a marketing intern for and I have recently graduated from the University of York with a degree in English Language and Linguistics. However, my real passion at university was writing, and particularly writing for blogs. I began a blog myself over a year ago, switching between fashion and beauty, to my university experiences and I have been hooked ever since. Blog writing opened me up to the world of social media and blogging communities that I quickly became a part of, and since then I have been fascinated by the use of blogging and social media for marketing and PR. Working as a marketing intern at is giving me the opportunity to experience marketing and PR first-hand and I enjoy every opportunity I get. It’s really opening my eyes to the prospect of a career in marketing and PR and I hope to continue gaining valuable experience in this area and hopefully a future permanent post in the industry will follow!

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