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‘So… any luck with a job?’


It is the one question that every graduate loathes hearing after Graduation Day. We tip our caps to the alumni, frame our diploma and then the biting reality of the future comes crashing into our lives like a hurricane of empty Jägermeister bottles. The not so startling truth is, the job hunt is not going very well.

This time last year I was preparing myself for one final year of Swansea domination, and doing colossal amounts of dissertation research as I played the delicate balancing act of student lifestyle and degree workload. Now I find myself getting asked near enough every day where my life is going, if I’ve found a real job, and when will I be leaving home? Leaving home, already? I only just got back; give a girl time to adjust. Post university life is hardly what we expect. There is no movie montage, no makeover, and no catchy-come-edgy soundtrack to anchor the moments of our lives.

I am doing what many other graduates are, working our summer jobs and hoping something will come along – except nothing is coming along. Don’t get me wrong- There are many people who have left university and worked diligently at making their own luck, and have eventually found a job. But many of us are stuck in that percentage who are affected by the broken promise of higher education.

The general ignorance surrounding our futures these days can be blamed on the preexisting idea that students leave university and walk straight into an ideal job in their chosen sector. No such luck, even bar jobs and barista jobs are hard to come by, when everyone is hoping to do the same thing and earn a living while searching for their ideal entry level job. As of July 2012, it was reported that almost a fifth of recent university graduates still faced unemployment after six months of leaving university.

The job hunting advice you should be taking is the one that everybody tells you- be persistent. It is far better to be remembered for being annoyingly eager than to be forgotten in the pile of CV’s waiting to be pushed aside.  Also, carefully utilize your social networking, and reach out to prospective contacts through websites such as LinkedIn. The only question worse than asking how our job prospects are is the question we’re told we’ll be saying in a few months- “Would you like fries with that?” When that snide remark is casually thrown in your direction after months of job hunting, we have no choice but to shake it off and smile, after all, good things come to those who wait… and to those who pester employers.

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. I just finished a degree in Media Studies at Swansea University, and in the future I aim to move abroad and become a journalist. I love telling stories and can't wait to share them. I'm working full time as a waitress in a coastal cafe to fund my next trip to New York where I hope to make contacts and pester people to look at my CV- I'll be blogging while abroad which will be available at my personal blog.

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