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I Refuse to be Part of a Lost Generation


They call us the Lost Generation, Generation Y. A generation born at the close of the 20th century and severely affected by the economic and social circumstances we were ‘unlucky’ enough to grow up in. Yet the current youth unemployment level is not the highest in history and despite the difficulties that many of us will encounter in our search for a job, life goes on and so must our job-hunt.

It’s easy to be discouraged when you finish your degree and face the world only to realise that, actually, you have no valid experience, you are not different from the other millions applying for that job you want so badly and your marks, which you were so proud of, are mediocre at best.

This all sounds very grim, but I believe many of us have felt this way in our first job applications. While I feel like a useless insect when I see how many internships, volunteer work, etc. my peers have done while I was too busy travelling and taking useless part-time jobs at shops and pubs, I’ve decided not to despair.

 With the disadvantages of our time comes an amazing gift: we are the Internet generation. You don’t need money to set up a blog, a Tumblr, or a Vimeo. We can showcase our talents (whether we have any or not) and we can pursue our dreams –for free. I know it’s only one in a thousand blogs that becomes so successful that the blogger can live off it but if it makes you happy to upload your photos, your thoughts, your films online, do it. Granted, you might not be that one person in a thousand but at least you can try to be.

I don’t have the solution to our generation’s problem. I finished my degree less than a month ago and I have already yearned for jobs I haven’t even been considered for and spent sleepless nights wondering what I should do with my life, stressing unnecessarily over everything.

Maybe I’m overly influenced by fictional stories of young, unknown yet brilliant people who end up succeeding in whatever they try but I believe that I can make my dream job come true –eventually. And whenever I feel I’m sinking into despair I watch an episode of HBO’s Girls (every woman –and man– should watch this hilarious depiction of 20-something students and grads) and realise, it’s actually fine, we are all equally clueless.

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Ines Ines

I have just finished my MA in English but continue studying Translation. I hope to work as translator and/or reporter or in any job where I can make use of my passion and skill for languages. This passion began when I moved from my native Madrid to Berlin to be an Au-pair when I was 18. Since then, I have tried to travel and explore other cultures as much as possible and it was my experience abroad that made me realize that I wanted to study and pursue a career in a field related to languages and writing.

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