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Tips on Landing a job in the oil and gas industry

A resume is one’s reflection of success. The secret to making a very good one is to present yourself properly by listing your strengths and skills without boring your potential employer with too many unnecessary details. Say your resume worked and you got your potential employer’s attention. You now have to prepare for the interview. … Read the rest of this item

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How To Stay Sane When Applying For Jobs

It’s that time of year again. Summer is a time of year full of road trips, holidays and festivals. Unfortunately, these things require money and the students who want to embark on these adventures are infamous for being in a perpetual state poverty. The end of the university term sees many feeling like lost sheep … Read the rest of this item


A Year at Uni: My Reflection

Annabelle McCombe

When arriving at university, your first experiences revolve around the accommodation you live in. Most will live in halls with hundreds of students; however, I am not one of those people. I chose to live in a small house of 12 in Redland, a residential area far enough away from university life to let me … Read the rest of this item

5 Ways To Graduate In Style

Jason Purdy

Let me kick this off with a quick disclaimer. When I say style, I don’t mean being well dressed or anything, I wouldn’t know very much about that. When I say style, I mean style. Style, that ethereal, effervescent concept that means you’re doing it right. Italics aside, in the run up to graduate you’ll … Read the rest of this item

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